Nigeria, Most Religious Country - Survey

Nigeria is the most religious country in the world with 90 per cent of the population believing in God, praying regularly and affirming their readiness to die on behalf of their belief.

This was the outcome of a survey titled "What the World Thinks of God" conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation in 10 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Mexico and Lebanon.

The survey which questioned 10,000 people in these countries discovered that the US, UK, Israel, India and Indonesia also recorded high levels of belief in God, the number of believers and religious activities were significantly lower in UK, Russia and South Korea.

The poll showed that in Lebanon and the US, 71 percent of the population would die willingly for their belief, Nigerians recorded 100 per cent for believing in God and a higher power, US 91 per cent, other countries apart from the UK recorded 80 per cent, while the UK recorded 67 per cent.

91 per cent of Nigerians claim to attend religious services in contrast to 21 per cent in the UK and only 7 per cent of the Russian population does so. The average population of people who attend religious services across the 10 countries was put at 46 percent.

Again, Nigerians came tops as a praying nation at 95 per cent, while 67 per cent in the US pray.

At least 80 per cent of the people who participated in the polls seemed to agree that believing in God and a higher power makes for better human beings, with only 56 per cent of the British population towing this line.

Meanwhile 29 per cent of Israelis confessed that they never prayed while 25 per cent of Britons admitted that they hardly pray.