Goc Warns Against Religious Intolerance

The General Officer Commanding 3rd Armoured Division, Major-General Theoddeous Akande, has warned officers and soldiers against religious intolerance.

Addressing the army at the 23 Brigade in Yola, the Adamawa State capital yesterday, Major-General Akande lamented over the deteriorating security situation in the country and warned against indiscipline and the introduction of religious division in the army, pointing out that a bullet has no religious connotation.

"To know your religion is to be a good soldier. Religion teaches discipline," he said, insisting that maintaining military discipline is part of discharging their religious responsibilities.

"The situation the country found itself at this moment is not pleasant to anybody. Every well-meaning Nigerians should do everything to ensure that there is peace within his domain, not only for the security agents, not only for Nigerian Army, because we need peace to develop," he said.

Major-General Akande stressed the need for discipline and cooperation in the army to enable it discharge its roles in maintaining national security and defending the nation's sovereignty.

He lamented over the recent killing of soldiers in the Benue and Taraba conflicts, and said that soldiers must always protect their comrades and the civil society.

"What we saw in Taraba and Benue States is not the best test of a soldier's skills. A soldier that is trained, skilful in his weapons, will at anytime be ready to protect his comrades," he said.

"When you go into battle, you are comrades. It is only your comrade that will save you," he added.