4 young men charged with belonging to devil worshipping cult

Police have arrested four young men on charges of belonging to a devil worshipping cult.

The Internal Security Forces said in a statement Saturday that the young men had admitted to partaking in shameless feasts, in which they listened to blaring music and met girls, with whom they had sexual intercourse.

The ISF said that the four, had tattoos in the shape of a well-known satanic symbol ­ the Sigil of the Baphomet. The Sigil of Baphomet is a pentagram or an inverted, five-angled star with the image of a two-horned goat, representing Satan, in its midst.

The ISF did not release the names of those arrested, identifying them only by their first names: Sharbel A., Artin T., Sarkis T., and Rony M.

The four were reportedly caught in Bourj Hammoud and Nabaa, after detectives had monitored their activities and gathered evidence against them.

According to the statement, demonic items were allegedly found and confiscated from their houses. Pictures of Satan, a skull with a snake emerging from it, a picture of an inverted cross, as well as a prayer which calls on the forces of evil were found. The four were referred to the judiciary.