Police probe satanic link in horse killing

Police are investigating whether the vicious killing of a former racehorse at a pony club on the Gold Coast is linked to possible satanic activities at a nearby cemetery.

The seven-year-old thoroughbred gelding called Rammer was stabbed in his neck and body 16 times before being left to bleed to death in his stable.

"There are some sick people in the world. This is a despicable act of cruelty," said Senior Sgt Vern Saunders.

"I've been around a long time and I'm a little bit upset myself."

Rammer was last seen alive at the Southport Pony and Hack Club at 7 pm last night. Police searched a neighbouring graveyard for clues and have not ruled out the killing being inspired by occult activity.

"There may be some connection and we ask for the public's help if they have seen anyone in and around the cemetery," said Sgt Saunders.

"We've got no motive. The club has not got any threats. The owner hasn't had any threats against her. It appears to be some very sick person."

Owner Tracy Ramskill said Rammer, which had a moderate record as a racehorse, was being trained for show jumping.

"This isn't just an animal, he was my pet, he was my best friend basically," she said.

"I can't understand the viciousness.

"They've got to be sick in the head. There's got to be something wrong with them."