In Contrast (Editorial)

Dear Editor,

In contrast to the manifestations of intolerance and religious discrimination prevalent in different parts of the world, and even to be honest in some regions of Mexico, September 8th, the first inter religious family gathering was carried out in the federal park of El Batan, located in San Jeronimo.

The Family (independent Christian communities), the worldwide spiritual organization of Brahma Kumaris, Mormons, Scientologists, Krishna devotees and civil associations were present. These have been carrying out a permanent campaign for religious tolerance and freedom of conscience for two years. Between laughter, games and group dynamics, they were able to exchange values and come to realize that it really doesn't matter if your creed is different, you are a spiritual being, a human being and besides that, we're all Mexicans, living “under the same heaven”. While at Durban, Nelson Mandela rightly named racism and discrimination as a contagious mental illness. In Mexico, we are creating a zone of peace for communities, churches, and groups that are established by the social dynamic valuing religious tolerance and freedom of conscience, having on the horizon the opening of each one of us on a personal level to allow in a not too distant future a halt to the bloodshed in many parts of our Mexico, and the distaste of being marginalized. I'm sure that you in some way have felt this.

Griselda Reyes