Get high to get closer to God: the stoner Jesus Bible study

Deb Button recently released a new weekly bible study program dubbed Stoner Jesus Bible Study. Far from what most Christians may believe, the program advocates for weed as a good drug for human beings and still upholds the main belief in Jesus Christ. Button tries to argue that any person should not be denounced for smoking weed and at the same time claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

The program was launched back in May 2015 in Colorado. Since its launch, a lot of people have been finding their way to the venue in order to have the experience of smoking weed while learning more about Jesus Christ. Button describes the place as a safe haven where everyone finds the peace of Jesus.

Surprisingly, Button was never in support of smoking weed in the past. It was only in 2015 that she developed a new perception about the drug. She narrates how weed came in rescue of her depressed son. She says that out of the many drugs out there, only cannabis managed to heal and pacify her depressed son. Only after the “miracle” done by weed on her son did Button start using the drug.

Before that, Button had separated from the church for what she claimed to be “personal matters.” One of the so-called personal matters was her depressed son and the other was the recent divorce with her husband. She claims that after taking cannabis, her connection with God was restored to the fullest. Her life changed and she found a new reason to believe in Jesus Christ. Not even the negatives in the world could bother her.

It has been over eight months of running the Stoner Jesus Bible Study program and Button confirms that all has been well. She says that none of the teachings covered in the program are misleading or in any way offending. Over 20 members attend this program to understand how cannabis is connected with the love of Jesus.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Button said that even if Jesus never smoked, he would be a member of the stoner if he was alive. She justifies this by saying that Jesus was very friendly with people. He could go from one house to another and be accepted. “Only a stoner could do that,” Button says.