Americans warm slightly toward Mormons, other religions

Americans have a slightly more positive view of Mormons and members of many other faiths than they did just two and a half years ago, a new Pew study shows.

Whereas Mormons received a “neutral” rating of 48 in June 2014, that’s now risen to 54 percent of Americans who say they have a positive view of the LDS faith. This six-point gain has moved Mormons toward the “warm” side of the spectrum, according to Pew.

Almost every religious group received higher marks this time around, though, with the exception of evangelical Christianity, which remained flat at 61.

The biggest gains were made by atheists (41 to 50), Muslims (40 to 48) and Hindus (50 to 58).

However, Mormons rank dead last among the 18-to-29 year old demographic, whose 54 rating for Mormons was their lowest of any religion.

Mormonism’s highest rating was with the 65+ age group, which gave it a 59 percent approval rating.