Poland declares Christ as King

Poland has a new monarch. However, the new King does not come from just any other dynasty or family. He is the Son of God Himself.

Poland officially declared that Jesus Christ Himself will be the King of Poland from now on, in a special ceremony held in the Church of The Divine Mercy on November 19, 2016. Poland’s religious and political leaders attended the ceremony, including the president, Andrzei Duda.

This is not the first time a ruler of Poland was given to a divine figure. Over 350 years ago, King Casimir had declared Mary to be the honorary Queen of Poland.

The idea of declaring Christ as the monarch of Poland stemmed from a set of revelations that were allegedly received by a Polish nurse, Rosalia Zelkova in the first half of the 20th century.

According to Zelkova, Jesus had demanded he be declared the King of Poland which would save Poland from the coming war. Now, more than 40 years, bishops and other leaders of Poland are enthusiastic about calling Christ as their ruler.

The enthronement ceremony included a promise by the people of Poland that they would accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The Bishops who officiated at the ceremony petitioned the new King to rule the Polish people in all their daily affairs such as in work, universities, and so on. The Celebrants also pledged their undying faith, worship and allegiance to His rule. This was followed by a declaring the secular and religious affairs of the nation, together with the sovereignty over the Polish people were once and for all given over to the Christ.

The Conference of Polish Bishops said that this ceremony was not intended to elevate Christ to a position of power, but to remind people of his sovereignty and kingship over the entire universe.