Miracle Mineral Solution sued by Harris County to stop promotion

Harris County - It's called the miracle mineral solution and according to the website for the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing it can cure everything from cancer to HIV and Parkinson's disease.

There's just one problem.

Vince Ryan, the Harris County Attorney explained, "They're saying that's it's a miracle cure 95 percent of the time, there's no evidence whatsoever anybody of anything."

The Harris County attorney is now seeking an injunction on 45-year-old Shane Hawkins, the man they say is hawking the potentially dangerous cocktail at seminars across the area.

Ryan said, "Part of our job is when we see something like this, we do something as fast as we can to stop it."

In fact, a warning from the FDA says the mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment.

"This is something often used in different cleaning products petrochemical aspects and it can be very dangerous to anyone who ingests," said Ryan.

We stopped by Hawkins' home for comment, which prominently displays a Genesis II Church logo, but no one answered.

One of the Genisis seminars was scheduled as at a Ramada hotel by Bush Intercontinental Airport last month.

But the group's website said the hotel canceled its contract at the last minute due to persecution from news media and corrupt officials.

Ryan said, "These are often people who are hopeless, they've been through medical procedures and seen doctors and they hopeless."

Making matters worse, seminar-goers are shelling out as much as $500 dollars to attend -- the county attorney says all for false hopes.

"It achieves nothing, he takes $500 from you and you can get sick," said Ryan.