Afghanistan: Female activists voice concern over fundamentalism spread through religion

The Afghanistan Youth Civil and Cultural Society (AYCCS) have expressed deep concerns over the lack of attention by the government towards the internal administration of religious seminaries and alleged that these institutions converted into the centres of religious fundamentalism.

Humera Saqib, head the Women Coordination Network, and member of the AYCCS told a gathering here from the past few year Afghan youth had been the victims of Talibanisation and they had been taught the Taliban ideology in religious seminaries.

The gathering was organized on Youth Role in fight against violent extremism and fundamentalism where civil society activist and analysts were present.

She expressed here worries in this regard and said: "Human rights orgnisations and civil societies should play a role to prevent the brain washing of Afghan youth who have been used by foreign element for their strategic goals in Afghanistan."

She asked the Afghan youth to demand fight against extremism with one voice from the government. Saqib also asked the civil society activists to work for spreading awareness over growing fundamentalism and militancy the victim of which were Afghan youth.

Mohammad Muhaqiq, another member of the AYCCS said the youth portion of society was both sources of human power and a concern. "When someone becomes adult He/She wants to do something for society and play a role."

He said education was the only source through which the menace of extremism and militancy could prevented.

AYCCS Member Abdul Samad Hakimi said extremist ideology had negative impact on freedom, rights and trust in society.

A resolution was also passed at the end of gathering in which demanded the government to spread awareness regarding the dangerous consequences of extremis and militancy.