The 'greatest concentration of virgin young people': A rare look inside Gloriavale

Gloriavale has the "greatest collection of and concentration of virgin young people than anywhere in New Zealand", a member of the reclusive Christian commune says.

TVNZ has been given a rare glimpse behind the fences of the compound on the West Coast of the South Island, with Seven Sharp reporter Jehan Casinader spending a night and day gaining an insight into the community.

After a four hour grilling from leader Neville Cooper (also known as Hopeful Christian) and the other 11 'Shepherds', Jehan says he and his cameraman were given quite extensive access to the community.

And although people inside the community are relatively sheltered from what's happening outside, Jehan says the leaders are "absolutely aware of recent reports" and somewhat distrustful of the media.

"The leaders were very open and frank with us about what life was like in that community," Jehan says, adding that as well as being really friendly and welcoming, the children seemed healthy and well fed while not having a great understanding of the outside world.

Community members confirmed they don't use birth control, resulting in large families, and there is no divorce.

One of the first questions put to Jehan was why he is not yet married and he was also told he was overdressed.

He stayed the night in a room in the same hostel as the rest of the Gloriavale families before spending the next day at the compound.

It was the first time in about seven years television news cameras were allowed in there.

On Tuesday, police called for residents of the West Coast Christian commune to reveal their experiences in light of new allegations by ex-community members of brainwashing, physical punishment and sexual abuse against girls as young as 12.

About 25 ex-Gloriavale members now live in South Canterbury.