Angola: President Considers Sect 'Light of the World' a Threat to Peace

Luanda — The head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, said Tuesday Monday, the sect "Light of the World" a threat to peace and national unity.

This statement is contained in an address to the nation by the Head of State who said that a group of faithful of the Seventh-day Adventist Church left this congregation and decided to create a religious sect called 'The Light of the World'.

The group also abandoned the social doctrine of his old church, which is based on the Commandments of God's law and other principles of the Holy Bible, and formulated its own doctrine on the basis of religious fanaticism, hatred instead of love of neighbor, in division and lies, with the intention not to respect the state's authority and to promote anarchy.

According to the Head of State, this doctrine promotes the disintegration of society and the separation of families, stimulates sin and is against the values, moral and civic principles and practices and customs of the Angolan people.

His mentors say the world will end in 2015 to scare people, because the Bible does not set any date for the world end. They also say that families should sell their goods, particularly their homes, leaving the towns and villages and live in the mountains and forests.

"This is actually an attack on the life and well-being of people, who are deprived of shelter from bad weather, medical care and conditions for the education of their children," he said, stressing that it is an unacceptable return to the primitive life, a serious violation of citizens' rights established in the Constitution and a disturbance of social order defined there.

He said that the Attorney General's Office, the Interior Ministry and the National Police have taken in a timely manner and in accordance with the law, the appropriate measures to put an end to illegal activities and disrespect of officials of the sect 'The Light of the World' in Huila, Bie, Huambo, Benguela and Kwanza Sul provinces.

The violent reaction of the head of the sect and his close associates, who murdered the state law enforcement officers, demonstrates that one is facing dangerous individuals who must all be quickly captured and brought to justice.

According to the President of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos, the action of Defense, security agencies and internal order will continue with the same vigor to completely dismantle this sect and in that sense, there is a call to the support and cooperation of all population.

"We must render a profound tribute to all the officers and agents of the National Police that with courage and determination sacrificed their lives in the line of duty when they were cowardly murdered by the leaders of the sect 'The Light of the World' ', highlights the Angolan statesman's message.

In the view of José Eduardo dos Santos, for this reason, there should be promoted to the higher ranks and posthumously these brave officers, organizing funerals with dignity and giving all necessary support to the bereaved families.

On the other hand, it is necessary that the Government promote, with the support of civil society and churches, a large education campaign for the rehabilitation and integration of all citizens who were deceived in other towns and villages or in their land of origin.

He directed that the government should mobilize the resources needed to support the provinces hit by this phenomenon.

"It is therefore important that the National Police and other defense and security agencies strengthen surveillance and action to ensure peace and tranquility of the people," concludes the Pesident of the Republic.