Daughter of Aum Shinrikyo Founder to Publish Memoir

Publishing house Kodansha Ltd. said it will release a memoir by the daughter of Chizuo Matsumoto, the founder of doomsday group Aum Shinrikyo and mastermind behind the 1995 sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway.

The book, titled “Tomatta Tokei” (Stopped Clock), will tell the story of Mr. Matsumoto’s third daughter Rika from her point of view, from the time of her father’s arrest in 1995 and her life afterwards, a spokesman at the publisher told Japan Real Time on Thursday.

The memoir will go on sale on March 20, the 20th anniversary of the sarin gas attack by the group. Perpetrators of the attack, orchestrated by Mr. Matsumoto, rode on separate subway lines in Tokyo in the morning and punctured bags containing sarin nerve gas as they got off their respective trains. The attack killed 13 and injured more than 6,000.

Members responsible for creating the nerve gas, as well as those who carried out the attack, have been captured since then, with many sentenced to death, including Mr. Matsumoto. The executions haven’t been carried out yet.

Ms. Matsumoto was born in April 1983 and studied psychology at university, according to the publisher.

The 336-page book, priced at ¥1,620 ($13.50), will touch on her thoughts on Aum Shinrikyo and her father . Below is a tweet of the cover of the book by Kodansha.