Islamic State Reportedly Destroys 7th Century Green Church In Tikrit, Iraq. One Of Middle East's Oldest Christian Sites

Islamic State continues to destroy sacred sites across Iraq.

The militant group reportedly blew up a 7th century Christian site known as the Green Church in Tikrit, Iraq on Wednesday. The site belonged to the Assyrian Church of the East and was restored by the Saddam Hussein regime in 2000, according to RT News.

A source on the ground told Iraqi news that the militants used "improvised explosive devices" planted in the surrounding area. The entire church was reportedly destroyed in the blast.

The Christian church was not the only holy site destroyed by the Islamic State on Wednesday. The group appears to have also targeted a historic Muslim site, the mosque Al Arbain in the center of Tikrit.

Since its escalation over the summer the militant group also known as ISIS has wrought destruction on all in its path, regardless of faith. In July militants razed a site in Mosul, Iraq thought to be the tomb of the biblical prophet Jonah, sacred in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

And although ISIS has targeted Christians and Yazidis, one alleged member of the group in July revealed a plot to destroy the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia -- Islam's most holy site.