Wiccan Group Hosts Ritual To Bring Back Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

A Wiccan group is organizing a ritual to help bring back the Nigerian girls kidnapped in April by militant group Boko Haram.

The Nerdy Witches Study Group organized the 'Web Working to Bring Back Our Girls' on its Facebook page with the intention of inviting magical practitioners around the world to join in a collective ritual at the same time on May 13. "On Tuesday May 13th at 7 PM Pacific," the Facebook page states, "let’s join our will together to bring these daughters and sisters safely home."

Groups and solo practitioners alike may join the event wherever they are to conduct the simple ritual that involves visualization and intention setting. Eighty-four people have signed up thus far.

The ritual outlined on the group's Facebook page follows:


Find a clean unused candle, a suitable holder (if needed), a lighter and a place you can perform the working undisturbed. Inscribe and/or anoint the candle as you typically would for such a working.


Prepare your ritual space (incense, casting) in your preferred way. Then begin by grounding and centering. Slow your breathing and focus on moving into altered consciousness. When you have accessed your power, your will, begin the rite.


Light your candle and visualize your brothers and sisters fires springing into life all over the map. Watch as they multiply and join together forming a web of energy and intent builds and grows and thickens until it encompasses the globe. Feed the web of energy while stating the following words.

We call our sacred sisters home

United in spirit, we stand as one

Weaving webs of energy,

As we will, it will be done

Our stolen daughters are returned,

The healing may begin,

We all rejoice with lifted voice,

As they reunite with kin

(repeat twice more)

Pour your energy into the web then close the working by saying:

They are safe.

They are secure.

They are home.

This is our will. SO MUST IT BE.


Extinguish your candle, and close your working space in your typical fashion.