The Dalai Lama Says Gay Marriage Is OK During Larry King Interview

The Dalai Lama came out in support of marriage equality during a Larry King interview where he said that he is OK with same sex marriage.

Though he has referred to Buddhist texts disallowing same sex intimacy in the past, his views on the subject appear to have evolved over the years. This is the Buddhist leader's clearest affirmation of same-sex marriage to date.

After talking about human rights violations with regards to LGBT individuals, especially in Russia, King asked the Dalai Lama, "What about same sex marriage?"

The Dalai Lama responded, "That's up to the country's law," but when King directly asked "What do you feel personally about it?" he responded, "It's OK! I think it's individuals' business."

He added, "If two people, a couple, really feel that way, it’s more practical, more satisfaction, and both sides fully agree, then OK!”

Earlier he encouraged people to follow their own personal religious traditions, and to avoid "sexual misconduct."