2,000 US Missionaries Converge in Honduras for Nationwide Revival

Two thousand American missionaries visited every capital city in Honduras this past Saturday to preach the Gospel and proclaim the emergence of a new nation. The nonprofit organization Missions.Me organized the massive event called "One Nation One Day," which was legally declared a national holiday by President Porfirio Lobo-Sosa.

According to organizers, about half a million people participated in events held across the country to hear the message of hope amid their poverty-stricken and crime-ridden nation and called out for a transformation.

"Statistics of the old Honduras begin to change from today. All those involved will see emerge the best days of the nation and must understand that in the new Honduras we love ourselves, our children and we spread our values to them," said Dominic Russo, founder of Missions.Me, while speaking at a stadium in San Pedro Sula, as reported by Honduran-based El Heraldo. "We love our family and give them education, love our neighbors, love our environment and we make peace."

According to Mission.Me's Facebook page, missionaries distributed 100,000 pairs of shoes, 3 million meals, and reached 1,500 schools during the week leading up to the main event. Additionally, the organization provided medical care, evangelized throughout the streets and held evangelistic crusades each night. Thousands of church pastors also gathered in two of Honduras' massive soccer stadiums to receive training on discipleship.

"I am grateful to God for sending people with different mentality. These people love and believe in God," said Jorge Aguirre, 14, a student at a school where missionaries were helping, according to Honduran-based La Prensa newspaper. "I am happy because in my family all I hear are screams and insults but here I was told that someone loves me and that got me thinking, thanks to the missionaries of One Nation One Day."

Evangelist Daniel King also teamed up with One Nation One Day to give away more than a half-million salvation books titled Welcome to the New Honduras which covers the topics of salvation, healing, the Holy Spirit, faith and how to walk with God.

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America and is plagued by crime, mostly gang-related. Its second largest city, San Pedro Sula, has been named the murder capital of the world with roughly 170 murders per every 100,000 residents. Before embarking on the large-scale mission, Mission.Me organizers said they hoped the event would help reduce crime in the country.

The vision for the project began a decade ago when Russo visited Honduras and saw the need of its people. He left with a desire to find a solution to the question posed in Isaiah 66:8, "Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment?"

"The Honduran President, The Congress, The Media, and The Church have all answered the question posed by the ancient prophet with a bold YES," wrote Russo on his Facebook wall. "An entire nation has been REBORN in 1 Day."