Jehovah’s Witnesses explain misconceptions some may have

Fargo, ND - People from all over the region packed Scheels Arena today. It's all part of a large convention to spread the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Reporter Andrea Hubbell breaks down what they think of the stereotypes around their religion.

It's day two out here at the Scheels Arena. And more than 4,000 people have turned out for this years' Jehovah's Witness Convention, one of hundreds all over the country.

Caleb Losh, Jehovah’s Witness: "Pretty much everyone stays for all three days because it's such a big event."

You've probably seen the ads, driven by the churches or even seen them at your front door.

Losh: "We need to know what the truth is. You know, there is a lot of propaganda out there in the world. There's a lot of things that people don't want to put their trust in."

But chances are you haven't seen this many Jehovah's Witnesses in one place at one time. This is just one of many conventions, major meetings to get together and see each other.

Bob Brophy, Jehovah’s Witness: "Is there such thing as religious truth? Well, that's what our whole convention theme is about."

Today, we asked what was the biggest misconception about their way of life. You guessed it, the way they approach people who don't belong to their religion: The door-to-door process.

Brophy: "And no, that doesn't bother us one bit. In fact, we are happy to be singled out as someone who is interested in coming to their door with the bible."

And as time goes on, like many of newcomers baptized today, more people have found this religion to be their perfect fit. Losh says, that's the ultimate goal.

Losh: "We don't start arguments. We don't try to fight with people about these matters because we know that that isn't going to get us anywhere. So we try to keep it on a very friendly basis."

Tomorrow there will be a public discussion geared towards anyone who has questions. That begins at 11 a.m.