Waco Siege Doc to Feature Real, Unearthed Audio

London – A documentary using real audio from the Waco siege, which ended in a gun battle between the FBI and members of David Koresh's cult followers at a Texan compound, has been commissioned by Investigation Discovery.

The one-hour special, ID Films: Inside Waco, will be made by U.K. production banner Arrow Media for the Discovery Networks' channel.

ID Films: Inside Waco marks the 20th anniversary of the infamous Waco Siege which began after a two-hour gun battle left four FBI operatives and six cult members dead. The siege lasted 50 days before 76 men, women and children died from a fire, the building collapse or gunfire.

The documentary uses rare audio recordings between the FBI, cult leader Koresh and other Branch Davidians and pulls from hundreds of hours of previously unheard tapes to present an exclusive moment-by-moment game of cat and mouse at the compound leading up to the tragedy.

Winona Meringolo and Jane Latman commissioned the documentary for ID.

For Arrow Media, Chris Martin is the director and executive producer is Tom Brisley.

ID Films: Inside Waco will air on Investigation Discovery in April 2013.

Arrow Media was founded by Brisley, John Smithson and Iain Pelling in 2011.