Atheist 'Church' to Host Godless Sunday Gatherings in London

Two British comedians have announced their plan to start an atheist "church," known as The Sunday Assembly, to be offered for free once a month in London.

"We thought it would be a shame not to enjoy the good stuff about religion, like the sense of community, just because of a theological disagreement," said Sanderson Jones, a stand-up comedian who hatched the idea for the "church" with fellow comedienne Pippa Evans.

The Londonist blog describes the monthly morning meeting, held at a former church in Islington known as The Nave, as a "godless gathering for people who want to hear funny and interesting people talk, sing songs and celebrate life."

Additionally, The Sunday Assembly's motto is to "live better, help often and wonder more," and will include an array of inspirational speakers touching on a new theme each month.

The upcoming meeting on Jan. 6, 2013, will revolve around the theme "Beginnings," focusing primarily on keeping New Year's resolutions.

Future speakers at the event include stand-up comedians Arthur Smith, Lucy Porter, Josie Long, Susan Calman, Imran Yusuf and Nick Revell, according to the Londonist.

Plans for organized atheist worship have been acknowledged by atheists in the past, who argue that a communal gathering of praise and worship is contrary to the central atheist belief that there is no higher power.

Well-known atheist Richard Dawkins blasted a separate plan last year to build a network of atheist churches throughout the U.K., beginning with a 150 tower to celebrate atheism.

"Atheists don't need temples," Dawkins said at the time of author Alain de Botton's plans to build the atheist temple, which ultimately never came to fruition.

"There are better things to spend this kind of money on. You could improve secular education and build non-religious schools which teach rational, skeptical critical thinking," Dawkins added.