Taiwan protest for Falun Gong man held in China

Taipei, Taiwan - Hundreds of demonstrators in the Taiwanese capital Taipei have gathered to demand the release of a Taiwanese businessman arrested in China. The man is accused of broadcasting programming about the banned spiritual group Falun Gong on a Chinese TV station.

China's official Xinhua News Agency says that Chung Ding-pan was detained for endangering public security, after he broadcast the pro-Falun Gong programming in Jiangxi province.

No details were given on how the 53-year-old gained access to the Jiangxi station's signal.

At Monday's protest, Falun Gong spokeswoman Chu Wan-chi said Chung was in China to visit relatives. She said she had no information on the allegations against him, but acknowledged he was a Falun Gong follower.

China banned Falun Gong in 1999 as an evil cult and persecutes its adherents.