Islamic theologians ban to use terms jihad and khalifate in political goals

Moscow, Russia - Muslim scientists from 23 countries of Islamic world condemned radicals at a theological conference held in Moscow.

"It was announced that participants in the conference aimed at adopting a collective theological conclusion to condemn radicalism and extremism in the complex of their manifestations and denounce the use for evil purposes the Islamic terms jihad (the struggle with vices), takfir (the accusation in non-belief) and khalifate (the Islamic state system), organizers of the forum told Interfax-Religion.

According to the participants, incorrect interpretation of these terms result in radicalization of many Muslims around the world, in wrong understanding that the main Muslim goal is armed fight to set up totalitarian political order under religious flags."

"This factor lies in the foundation of many conflicts in various regions of Muslim world - from Russian Northern Caucasus to Afghanistan and Somali," the interviewee of the agency said.

Summing up the conference, theologians adopted a fatwa (religious instruction) explaining that violence to representatives of other religions and ideologies as well as Muslims is not allowed, radical interpretations of Islamic legal provisions referring to human rights and freedoms, violations of law in the country of residence, announcing armed fight against bodies of state power and so on are not permitted.

Participating in the conference were several hundreds of leading Islamic theologians and Islam experts from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Mauritania, Sudan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Albania, Switzerland, republics of the Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Russian muftis representing majority of the country's region.