A new law, a new life: The Amish buggy bill becomes law

Graves County, USA - For years, local law enforcement officers cited several Amish men for not displaying the slow-moving emblem on the back of their buggy.

The old order Schwartzentruber sect, which moved to Graves County, Kentucky, in 2004 says the shape and color of the emblem conflicts with their religious beliefs.

But now the long-running dispute between the Amish and state law has come to an end.

"We're very grateful for all the support we got from senators and the House of Represenatives and the governor and everybody that helped," said Jacob Gingrich, a member of the Schwartzentruber sect.

On Wednesday, Governor Steve Beshear signed Senate Bill 75 into law. The law now says all Amish buggies must have either the orange triangle slow-moving emblem or silver reflective tape.

"It means we can live in peace again," Gingrich said. "We're glad to come together on a deal that both socities can be agreeable to."

The new law says the buggies must have 196 square inches of silver or grey reflective tape on the front, sides and back and two lanterns on either side that must be used at night. The law goes into effect immediately.