Jordan releases 2nd group of suspected Islamic militants from jail as goodwill gesture

Amman, Jordan - A Jordanian prosecutor says the country’s military court has freed 22 suspected Islamists on bail as a goodwill gesture.

They are the second group of adherents of the conservative Salafi interpretation of Islam to be released in three weeks. It brings up the total number of freed Salafis to 37.

The group, which is banned in Jordan, regards non-militant Muslims as infidels and condones their killing.

The 37 men are part of 103 Salafis on trial on charges of terrorism and stabbing policemen with swords during an April protest.

The prosecutor spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to talk to reporters.

Newly appointed Prime Minister Awn al-Khasawneh has pledged improved ties and dialogue with the opposition, including Islamists.