Christian group vows to fight Boko Haram

Nigeria - A Christian sectarian group, code named Akhwat Akwop Militia, has emerged from Northern Nigeria vowing to fight the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic sect.

The group, which promised to stop the wanton bombing and killing of innocent citizens, emerged less than 48 hours after the Egbesu confraternity, issued a similar warning to the Boko Haram.

The group vowed to match Boko Haram blood for blood in the northern states should it continue with its destructive activities.

In a statement made available to our correspondent in Lagos, the Akhwat Akwop Militia said they were going all out to confront members of Boko Haram, other Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists in the country.

‘Akhwat Akwop will match you blood for more blood, violence for more violence, and life for more lives.

The group urged the Islamic sect to end their madness or they will be forced to permanently end it for them.

In the statement which had only the name of the organisation on it and dated September 26, 2011, the group said it did not recognise the Sultan of Sokoto or any Islamic traditional ruler.

According to the group, Islamic republics of Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, and Sudan have been identified as the sponsors of the Islamic onslaughts in northern Nigeria.

It further declared the nationals and diplomats of those countries sponsoring the Islamic onslaughts as persona non grata in Nigeria and warning that the battle line has been drawn.

‘Our commandos have instructions to hunt you down wherever and whenever they get you’, the statement stated.

Akhwat Akwop group is believed to have members in predominantly Christian areas of the north.

The Akhwat Akwop’s statement reads in part:

‘Akhwat Akwop condemns in totality the recent charade in the name of Northern Traditional Rulers Council Meeting held recently in Kaduna.

Akhwat Akwop does not recognise the Sultan or any Islamic traditional ruler in any way or form.

‘It is resolved that for the desired peace and harmony to be achieved in the north, the Hausa Fulani must stop encroaching, stealing or laying claims to lands which by any stretch of their imagination does not belong to them.

‘Akhwat Akwop calls on all indigenous communities in northern Nigeria to as a matter of urgency call all Hausa Fulani on their lands to order.

The Hausa Fulani must respect the norms, cultures, values and traditions of their host communities.

‘Akhwat Akwop states unequivocally that the Hausa Fulani onslaught is aimed at: Islamising Christians in the north and Nigeria as a whole, seizing, stealing and acquiring ancestral lands of indigenous communities in the north, destabilising the government of President Goodluck Jonathan, seizing back political power by all means and at all costs.

‘Akhwat Akwop calls on all Christians and indigenous communities in the north and indeed in Nigeria as a whole to most vehemently resist these agents of evil and anarchy.

‘Akhwat Akwop calls on Nigerian Christians to wake up from their slumber .

Quoting from Matthew 7 verse 9, the group said ‘Do not give what is holy to the dogs nor cast your pearls to swine lest they trample on them and tear you to pieces’.

‘Akhwat Akwop maintains that should President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan decides not to contest as President in 2015, the presidency must and should remain in the old Eastern Region of Nigeria.