'Sister Wives' The Announcement Recap

USA - The Brown family is back! Yes, the family that you either love or hate has come back for another season of Sister Wives on TLC. This season finds the plural family in Las Vegas in an attempt to live the way their religion dictates. If you remember last season, the family was forced to move from their custom-built home because Kody is married to four wives.

In this country of religious freedom, this family has to live under the radar to keep Kody from being thrown in jail. Doesn't sound much like religious freedom, does it? Their lifestyle isn't hurting anyone. It just isn't what most Americans consider normal, but even Christians have to be tolerant of other religions. Even the Bible says to be tolerant of other faiths as long as the faith is Bible-based and the followers belive fully in their ways.

Now, you may be asking exactly what this has to do with the episode. Well, here it is. This episode lets America see exactly how miserable the children in this family have become as a result of the move. The Brown children were happy and healthy before the move. Now, they are unhappy and struggling in a new town. The parents (all 5 of them) are trying to help the kids find ways to adjust, but that is proving difficult.

The Brown family now lives in four separate homes instead of a custom-built home like the one in Utah. Robyn was the only Sister Wife that didn't live in the communal home that had three adjoined apartments, so she likely feels a little less left out now that none of the Sister Wives share a large home. This new separate dynamic is likely very hard on Kody who now has to keep a four wives in four homes happy. Not to mention the fact that he has to spend time with his kids in four separate homes and support four separate households.

The family also doesn't have a church in Las Vegas. The Mormon church there is a different branch than the one the Brown family attended in Utah. This adds to the stress of the new location, as the kids don't have any other plural family children to associated with in Las Vegas.

Along with the major life change of a move, Robyn throws in a little news of her own. She is pregnant with another little Brown baby. Meri, who is unable to have more children, seems to take the news with a grain of salt. Meri's only daughter, Moriah, has a difficult time with the news. Maybe she doesn't like being an 'only child' in a family where breeding is encouraged and applauded.

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday evenings. Check back for more recaps of the show.