No twisted religion in Norway tragedy

Toronto, Canada - Talk about exploitation of the innocents.

As soon as it was revealed Anders Behring Breivik was not a Muslim, and not part of some jihadist gang, the knives were out. Because, it was claimed, he was a fundamentalist Christian. Please!

The main photograph of the man used by the media showed him dressed as a freemason.

I know journalists are pretty dumb these days, but it doesn't take a theologian to realize freemasonry is anathema to fundamentalist Christianity, as well as Roman Catholicism.

In his personal manifesto the killer wrote: "Regarding my personal relationship with God, I guess I'm not an excessively religious man. I am first and foremost a man of logic. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God then you are a religious Christian. Myself and many more like me do not necessarily have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God."

He also quoted various atheist philosophers when he posted on blogs, was supportive of the gay community, hadn't attended church in 17 years, and seems to have had no connection to organized Christianity.

But that did not hold back the hysterical Christian-bashers out there.

The same happened, and still happens, with Timothy McVeigh. The Oklahoma killer was an atheist, who even in his final letter before execution screamed against God. No matter, he is still said to be a Christian.

Many of us assumed the Norway attack was the work of Islamic terrorists.

Actually, how could we not?

There have been thousands of Islamist attacks since 9/11, including mass slaughter in London and Madrid, and attempted attacks in Stockholm and Glasgow.

Massacres in Mumbai, and killings by Muslim terror groups in Pakistan, Israel, Egypt, Somalia, Algeria, Iran, France, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the list goes on.

Anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims are now so great in Scandinavia Jewish parents in Denmark do not send their children to public schools, and almost all of the Jews in Malmo, Sweden's third largest city, left for their own safety.

The context of Norway is various Muslim fundamentalist groups promised terror attacks for some time now. Their reasons were Norway supported the war in Afghanistan, insisted on prosecuting an Islamic war criminal, and refused to ban a cartoon some Muslims found to be offensive.

Oh, and they are sort of Christian and certainly western ­ meaning decadent, tolerant of gays, believe in gender quality, civil rights, and all that sort of stuff.

Islamic groups also claimed responsibility for the attack as soon as it happened.

The shock of all this is it was not an Islamist group that committed the crime, and I assure you they will commit many more such monstrosities in the future.

We will not, though, see copycat incidents from Norwegians who live with their mums, wear aprons, and are insane.

Oh, and when another Islamist attack does occur, the same people now screaming "Christian" will do all in their power to deny or disguise the religion of the perpetrators.

I weep for those poor people in Norway, but I also weep for a world that refuses to rise from its denial.