Hungarian Law Seen as Attack on Evangelicals

Evangelicals in Hungary fear their religious rights are in jeopardy, following the passage of a new law they say will strip churches of key privileges.

The Institute on Religion and Public Policy says the "Law on the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion" forces more than 100 groups in the country to "de-register" as religious organizations.

Deregistered organizations cannot use the name "church" and have to go through a series of checks and balances set forth by the government before they can be registered again.

Only 14 religious organizations will retain their registration status, opponents say.

A local pastor described the new law as "the greatest discrimination against evangelicals since communism."

But not all agree.

CBN News spoke with Peter Hock, a former member of the Hungarian parliament and a deacon at Faith Church in Budapest.

Faith Church is one of 14 organizations not affected by the law. And Hock says the fears surrounding the new legislation could be overblown.