Ahmadi gets 9 months in prison

Bogor, Indonesia - A devotee of the religious sect Ahmadiyah, Ahmad Nuryamin, has been sentenced to nine months in prison for attacking a fellow resident of Cisalada, Bogor, West Java.

Nuryamin was found guilty by a panel of judges at Cibinong District Court of stabbing Rendy Apriyansah, who had been part of a mob that had previously attacked the Ahmadiyah compound in Cisalada.

Nuryamin said in his defense statement that he had been protecting himself.

Nuryamin’s defense team said their client would appeal the decision.

The stabbing incident prompted a mob attack on the Ahmadiyah compound, in which a mosque and houses in the neighborhood were torched.

Supporters of Rendy said the defendant should have been given a harsher punishment.

“It should have been nine years instead of nine months,” Cisalada local Jubaedah said as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.