Kenya: Catholic Married Priest Ordained

Nairobi, Kenya - Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo of Married Priests Now Organization has consecrated a new bishop to serve Mt Kenya region. Milingo, who was accompanied by four bishops, consecrated Bishop Peter Njogu Kibutu who will head the organisation in Mt Kenya region.

The ceremony was however snubbed by most Catholics in Nyeri who claim they were intimidated by the archdiocese of Nyeri. A week ago, a notice was read in all Catholic churches where the faithful were warned of dire consequences if they attended the function. They were warned that they would be ex-communicated if they attend the function.

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The bishop who arrived in the country from Zambia on Friday was accompanied by his wife Maria Sung. The 80-year-old bishop has since opened a church named Restored Universal Apostolic Church of Christ (Catholic) at Ruring'u stadium. "You may be intimidated by man that you will be ex-communicated in church if you dare attend this function but nobody will ex-communicate you from the love of God. We know there are many priests from the other side who wanted to attend but due to fear, they kept away," said the Archbishop. He said it was unfortunate that they are being condemned by the mother Catholic church just because they are married. Milingo said they will start their own seminaries worldwide. He said he will soon be travelling to Brazil to open other more churches. "Those being persecuted in Rome have room in our organisation. We shall heal them and put confidence in them after humiliation. Nobody has power to take out your priesthood in you expect God. We should not be called renegades," said Milingo. He said the current shortage of priests in the Catholic church is because many priests don't want to practice celibacy