Jewish student sues UC Berkeley over anti-Semitic attack

San Francisco, USA - A Jewish student from UC Berkeley is suing the West Coast university to defend her claim that another student belonging to the Students for Justice in Palestine assaulted her while she was demonstrating in a pro-Israel protest, The San Francisco Weekly reported Tuesday.

Jessica Felber, 20, said that over a year ago, she was holding a sign on campus which read "Israel wants Peace" when another UC Berkeley student, Husam Zakharia, the leader of the Students for Justice in Palestine intentionally rammed a shopping cart into her.

Felber, who filed a suit in San Francisco Superior Court earlier this month, claims she was assaulted because she is Jewish, the SF Weekly reported.

According to the lawsuit, the university knew that the pro-Palestinian group, which is a registered student organization, had been involved in other violent incidents on campus and have intimidated Jewish students but did nothing to stop the assaults, the SF weekly reported.