Three more suspects arrested on deadly Ahmadiyah attack in west Java

Jakarta, Indonesia - Indonesia’s National police on Thursday announced the arrest of three more suspects involved in the deadly Ahmadiyah attack in Banten province in west Java, the Jakarta Globe reported.

“There are now five suspects in the case. We have only detained the first two since we’re still collecting the evidence needed to detain the other three,” said National Police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar.

The five suspects were identified as Uj, Ke, Kn, Knh and Yh. Police did not disclose which role played each suspect in the deadly attack that left three dead in an Ahmadiyah community in Banten last Sunday.

On Monday, a team was formed by Indonesia’s National Commission on Human Rights to investigate the attack that took place in a village in Pandeglang. Approximately 1,500 residents attacked 25 members of the Ahmadiyah Islamic sect.

The attack was caused as the Ahmadiyah members refused to leave the house of a local group leader in Umbulan village. The human rights commission (Komnas HAM) said that at least eight serious cases of human rights violations took place on Sunday.