Lithuania's monks object to 'immoral' beer advertisement

Vilnius, Lithuania - Monks in Lithuania said Wednesday that an advertisement showing one of their number enjoying a tankard of beer was "immoral" and insulting, reported local media.

A conference of senior Lithuanian monks and nuns issued a statement objecting to the advertisement promoting Adler Bock ale produced by the Svyturys-Utenos brewery.

The monks felt "insulted and trampled on," the statement said, claiming the advertisement distorted the image of monks. They urged the brewery to cancel the campaign or face the possibility of protest rallies.

According to the brewery, the seven-per-cent strength Adler Bock is based on a beer brewed by German monks in 1495 and brought to the Hanseatic port of Memel, or modern day Klaipeda in Lithuania.

Australian beer enthusiast and Vilnius resident Adam Mullet said the monks were missing an opportunity.

"Monks have been drinking beer across Europe for a long time. The ads could be offensive to them, but perhaps they should think of it as a way to show off their monk culture," he said.

"Lithuanian beer is among the best in Europe, but somehow the locals are terrible at marketing it outside of their own borders."