Russia to lauch Islamic TV channel

Moscow, Russia - Russia is all set to get its first Islamic satellite television channel by March, a top Muslim cleric has said.

"At present the technological process is in its final stages and latest by March we can watch the first Islamic TV channel," Chairman of Russia's Mufti Council Ravil Ghainuttdin was quoted as saying by the online 'Gazeta' daily.

"We think that the (Muslim) youth should be educated and brought up in the spirit of tolerance towards the believers of other faiths, love for their neighbours and patriotism," Ghainuttdin said, expressing hope that the new channel will lower the degree of "Islamophobic moods" in the Russian society.

He underscored that not only Muslims but the people of other faiths will be involved in the project.

"We live in a multi-ethnic nation. That's why not only Muslims, but also my other compatriots will be able to find jobs in the new channel," the cleric said.