Satanists desecrate cemetery in Zadar

Zadar, Croatia - Seventy-two crosses have been turned upside down on the Zadar city graveyard in what authorities believe to be an act of Satanists.

Famed Zadar exorcist and pastor, Monsignor Milivoje Bolobanic said that such actions are signature statements of Satanist, but that he is reluctant to point fingers at anyone without further evidence.

Unlike in the West where Satanical societies operate in public, in Croatia they are considered to be more underground.

Almost all wooden crosses in the Catholic and Orthodox part of the graveyard had been pulled out and flipped upside down, while the old Italian part of the cemetery has not been touched. The majority of the crosses was either planted in the same spot or placed next to other graves.

Satanism is a religious belief that comprised of various ideologies and philosophies, and includes the worshipping of Satan.