Attack in Varanasi: condemnation of the Indian Church

Mumbai, India - The Indian Church has condemned the attack that claimed the life of a child of two and injured dozens of people in Varanasi. The Mumbai police has found that the e-mail claiming the attack was sent by a group of Indian Mujahideen. The terrorists hacked into a site registered to Navi Mumbai. Police officials said the site the mujahideen used had been registered under the name of Akhil Talreja, a professional DJ. Previously, police had suspected Talreja and interrogated him, but later discovered that the site was by the hackers.

Police officers traced the path of the email that claimed responsibility for the bomb attack in Varanasi, organized by the mujahideen in response to the demolition of the Babri mosque. The mail was sent using Talreja’s WiFi connection. Meanwhile, a team of police investigators have been sent from Mumbai to Varanasi to inspect the site of the attack. With them there are some investigators who had conducted the investigations in the case of the attack on the Jama Masjid in Delhi.

In the attack a two year old girl was killed, and over twenty people were injured, among them four foreigners, including an Italian from Campomorone (Genova). The bomb, placed in a metal container on the Dashashwamedh Ghat on the banks of the Ganges, exploded in the afternoon, around 18:30 Tuesday, December 7, during the daily ritual of lighting the Ganga Aarti lamp.

Archbishop Albert D'Souza of Agra, Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India has condemned the bomb attacks. “The Church in India condemns this attack in the strongest possible terms. This was act of cowardice and hatred towards humankind especially towards innocent and unconnected people have been killed. We pray for the bereaved, the injured and the survivors. The Catholic Church will provide all support and medical treatment for those injured in this senseless violence. This senseless act of violence on a religious place is a shameful blot on India, and this shame also targeted tourists, in Varanasi which since ancient times has been a sacred place. As we approach the Coming of the Prince of Peace, we pray for peace in our beloved Motherland and pray for the Prince of Peace to inspire the hearts of those who nurture violence. God bless India."