Taiwan TV ad: Don't force Muslim workers to eat pork

Taipei - Taiwan on Saturday began to use a TV ad to warn employers not to force foreign Muslim workers and maids to eat pork.

The TV ad, produced by the Council of Labour, shows an Indonesian maid, Nina, taking care of a grandpa in a Taiwan family.

"Mom told me that Nina's religion is Islam and does not eat pork, so we should not give her pork to eat," a little girl in the family said.

"On Sunday, we give her a day off so that she can go to the mosque. Mom said if we treat Nina well, she will take better care of Grandpa," she added.

The TV ad ended with the words Respect, Equality, Human Rights.

Taiwan's Chinese Muslim Association welcomed the TV ad, saying it shows respect for different religions and helps promote social harmony.

The Council of Labour launched the TV ad after several Muslim foreign workers and maids complained that their employers forced them to eat pork or even to change their religion.

On August 27, a Taiwan court sentenced a sportswear company owner to six months in prison for forcing three Indonesian Muslim workers to eat pork.

Chang Wen-lin, owner of Shin Hua Hang Fashion Co, allegedly forced three Indonesian female workers to eat pork over a seven-month period, thinking it could make them stronger so that they could do more work.

When they refused to eat pork, she threatened to deduct 500 Taiwan dollars (15 US dollars) per day from each worker's salary as punishment.