Kenya 'serial killer' charged with attempted rape

Self confessed serial Killer Phillip Onyancha has been jailed for 12 years for attempted rape and assault.

Onyancha's plea for leniency did not move the court when senior principal magistrate Dickson Onyango passed the sentence at the Kibera law courts.

In his judgment Friday, Onyango said only God knows what could have transpired had Onyancha succeeded in his plot against his neighbor.

Onyancha is alleged to have attempted to rape his neighbor in February 2009 when he dragged the accused into the forest and touched her suggestively.

The accused was later rescued by two forest rangers.

Onyancha faces 10 years for attempted rape and 2 years for assault, which will run concurrently.

He also faces 3 counts of charges pending at the high court.

Onyancha hit headlines in June 2009 when he admitted having murdered 19 people and intended to kill 100 after joining a cult which told him to drink their blood for good fortune.

He was arrested after the father of nine-year-old Anthony Njirua Muiruri reported that he had paid a ransom to kidnappers who said they were holding his son.

Police were able to track down Mr Onyancha through the mobile phone Samuel Muiruri had transferred money to electronically.

After his arrest, Mr Onyancha confessed to other murders, including several prostitutes, and led them to the site where Anthony Muiruri's remains were found.