US State Dep. delaying Ronni Bowers payment

The U.S. State Department is dragging its feet in paying restitution to family members of slain missionary Ronni Bowers, according to US Congressman Peter Hoekstra of Michigan. "To date they have been doing just about everything that they can to delay this settlement and now even delaying the payment." Hoekstra says the Department claims they don't have the eight million dollars or the legal authority to pay. A claim he says is untrue. But while this delay is wearing on Ronni's husband, Jim, he's still active in reaching the people of Peru. "Jim is going down there to take a look at some of the mission projects that they're working on, some of the projects the Peruvian government agreed to fund. While he can go to Peru and take a look at the progress that is being made because of the Peruvian's taking the lead in settling this issue, his own government is still stalling." Ronni and her daughter Charity were killed when the plane they were riding in was shot down by government fighters over Peru in April 2001.