Members of a sect in the Urals supposedly burnt wings on the back of a three-year old boy

Chelyabinsk, Russia - Chebarkulsk city prosecutor's office conducts a pre-investigation check of the origin of wing-shaped burns on the back of a three-year old boy.

The boy's father Konstantin suspects a sect to which his former wife Natalya belongs, a Chelyabinsk issue of Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports Friday.

When they lived together, Konstantin found a whole collection of sectarian literature hidden in the couch. One book explicitly urged the sect followers to get rid of the family, if it was opposed to the sect.

And so it happened very soon. Natalya filed for divorce. The former husband and wife agreed that their son would stay with his mother and meet with his father on a regular basis.

Once Konstantin took the boy to his place to stay overnight. When he took off the son's T-shirt before putting the boy to bed, he saw large burns on his back which looked like two wings. According to expert data, Konstantin concluded that this burn resulted from some metal mould which had been applied to the child's back, that is, the boy was a victim of some sectarian ritual.

According to lawyer Yegor Gorin, after the father became aware of the burns, he took the boy from the mother. He also filed an application with the police, but was two times refused to initiate a criminal case. During interrogation, Natalya denied her involvement with the sect. She refuses any contacts with the press, the newspaper reports.