Nigeria: FCT Minister Seeks Help From Churches, Mosques Over Prostitutes

Lagos, Nigeria - The Federal Capital Territory Administration has called on churches, mosques and other public-spirited groups and individuals to assist in rehabilitating thousands of commercial sex workers who were recently dislodged from Abuja streets.

FCT Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed made the appeal when the Primate of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Archbishop (Dr.) Nicholas Okoh visited him in Abuja yesterday.

The minister informed the religious organization to also help make the prostitutes understand the reason why they should not engage in sex trade, adding that if they need assistance, FCTA will give them a modest assistance because the resources of government is not inexhaustible and there are lots of contending needs on available resources.

Senator Bala Mohammed explained that his administration decided to take the commercial sex workers off the streets due to genuine concern and feeling rather than hate.

"We are doing it because we see them as our daughters, sisters and they use the system established by God for procreation and for humanity to multiply.

"We are all products of that same system that they are commercializing and so we have to bring dignity and respect to that system," he stated.

The minister assured the primate that the request of his delegation concerning land matters as they affect the Anglican Church in different locations in the FCT would be diligently considered.

The primate, Archbishop Okoh expressed his support for the campaign to curb prostitution in the FCT, adding that if left unchecked, the problem is capable of destroying the process through which humanity is propagated.