Ad aims to propagate true Islam

London, UK - Television host Kristiane Becker poses in a London taxi bearing a message aimed at raising the public understanding of Islam.

An advertising campaign has been launched in London to introduce the true face of Islam and reverse negative attitudes toward Muslims.

The Muslim population of the Western countries is living in tough conditions amid widespread propaganda that links Islam with terrorism.

The Exploring Islam Foundation, a group run by British Muslim professionals has initiated the Inspired by Muhammad campaign in a bid to challenge "damaging stereotypes about Islam through the medium of creative resources".

The adverts, which will appear on London taxis, underground trains, and bus stops, feature pictures of Muslim professionals.

The results of a survey show that 58% of Britons associate Islam with extremism and 50% believe that the religion is linked with terrorism.

The survey was conducted by YouGov last month at the request of the Exploring Islam Foundation in London and polled some 2,152 adults.

It said only some 13% believed Islam was based on peace and just 6% associated Islam with justice while 69% of respondents said that Islam encouraged women's repression.

"We are very concerned about the way our faith is perceived by the public," said the foundation's campaigns director Remona Aly.

"We want to foster a greater understanding of what British Muslims are about and our contribution to British society. We are proud of being British and being Muslim."

The campaign was launched against the backdrop of London's iconic Tower Bridge, with the slogan "The rights of women are sacred" and an Internet link written on the side of a taxi.

A spokesman for Quilliam, the counter-extremism think tank, said: "We welcome the Inspired by Muhammad campaign as a valuable and timely step to help improve relations and foster deeper understanding between British citizens."

At the last census, conducted in 2001, there were 1.6 million Muslims living in Britain 2.8 percent of the population making it the second most common religion after Christianity.

London had the highest proportion of Muslims in Britain, at 8.5 percent.