The Family International--Restructuring for the Future

Washington, USA - The Family International has currently adopted a new organizational model in order to better achieve the missionary goals of the organization.

After a two-year process of evaluating its structure, doctrine, and methodology, much of which was rooted in its former longstanding cooperative-based model, the Family International has initiated a comprehensive restructuring program. This has resulted in a reinvention of the movement and its structure to allow for greater diversity, while retaining its missionary objectives.

To reflect the organization's restructuring and its aims of empowering individuals to operate independently, the Family's governing charter has been modified and streamlined.

Administrative directors, Steve Kelly and Karen Zerby, summed up the intent and hope of the restructuring in an address to TFI members:

We don't know what the future holds (as far as the practical details and specifics, and the exact outcome of every change), but we do know a few things: 1) We have a crucial mission: reaching the world with God's Word, love and truth. 2) We're following God, by faith. 3) We will encourage each of you to follow the Lord where He leads you. ... Our collective efforts will build the Family of the future. (Change Journey Manifesto--May 2010)

The Family International (formerly known as the Children of God) is a non-traditional Christian movement founded by David Brandt Berg (1919-1994) in Southern California during the late 1960s. Active in over 90 countries, the movement engages in evangelistic and humanitarian endeavors.


Claire Borowik,

Public Affairs Desk for the Family International,

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