Russell, Brody and Stone for Waco

Waco, USA - Kurt Russell, Adrien Brody and Sharon Stone have all signed up to star in new drama Waco.

The movie, directed by Stigmata's Rupert Wainwright, tells the true story of the the 1993 incident in Texas when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco And Firearms sieged the compound where David Koresh and his personal cult, the Branch Davidians, were holed-up.

It is not known which roles the stars are taking, but Production Weekly reports Kurt, Sharon and Adrien are all on board.

Federal agents took action against the cult after reports of child abuse and rape emerged from the isolated compound, leading to a devastating fire within the structure that left 81 people dead and controversy surrounding how the authorities handled the situation.

Investigative journalist Lee Hibberd apparently wrote the script and the filmmakers will be advised by documentary maker Michael McNulty, who made Waco: The Rules Of Engagement about the incident.