Hindu power play at UK polls

London, UK - Asking the Hindu Community to make their votes count, UK's largest representative body of Hindus has said that the community could play a crucial role in some key marginal seats in the general election scheduled for May 6.

Hindus in Britain number well over 750,000 and make contribution to the country, far in excess of their numbers and with signs of a possible hung parliament, the Hindu vote could be pivotal in some seats, the Hindu Forum said on Friday.

Though dispersed throughout UK, sizeable number of Hindus are concentrated in certain areas like the suburbs of London and the south east, Leicester, West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire.

In some of these areas, Hindu vote may have a significant impact on who represents them and addresses their concerns in Parliament.

But many British Hindus still feel that Government and decision-makers are failing to address many of their concerns, despite being the third largest faith group, the Forum said in a statement.