Jehovah's Witnesses Get Some of their Own Medicine

A British mum finally decided she'd turned the other cheek the suggested "70 times 7" and that it was time for some Christian action. After dealing with missionaries from the Jehovah's Witness Church every month for 12 years and telling them each time she just wasn't interested, it was either take some action or get some medication for that nervous twitch that struck every time she heard the doorbell. She chose the former.

Jane White gathered up her courage, a considerable amount of religious literature and other magazines, and set off for the local Kingdom Hall to give them back some of their own medicine. She timed her visit carefully to arrive in the middle of their services, banged loudly on the door until someone answered it and then proceeded to offer her literature to the congregation and talk to them about her religion. She was forced to "move along" after about 30 minutes of proselyting.

Ms. White insists that it's not the religion they practice that she objects to, but rather the intrusive way in which they insist on trying to share their 'good news' that she can't stomach anymore. A spokesman for Jehovah's Witnesses in Britain stated that their policy is that if someone states that they do not want their representatives to call that a note is made and further contact is not made.