Babirye Starts Church

Kampala, Uganda - The last time she appeared on this page, Gospel songstress Judith Babirye was announcing a bitter split from her husband, Samuel Niiwo, for allegedly beating and cheating on her. She vowed never to return to him.

Well, looks like she is dead set on fulfilling this pledge. Our snoops recently attended a spirited service at Baibirye's New Life Deliverance Church, on Salaama Road in Muswangati zone, Makindye.

Babirye is a senior pastor of the church alongside Pastor Joseph Kabuye. Barbirye and Niiwo had started up a church in Bukoto under the banner Judith Babirye Niiwo Ministries, before their marriage hit the rocks.

In the new church, a makeshift structure of eucalyptus and iron sheets, Babirye sings, preaches, prays for the sick and is an administrator.