Austrian magazine slammed for use of Jewish star

Vienna, Austria - An Austrian dog magazine has pulled a flyer that showed a pit bull wearing a yellow star after protests from the country's Jewish community.

Wuff magazine's flyer - handed out on streets to oppose a proposed new license for some breeds - showed a pit-bull puppy wearing a yellow star with the word "bad" inscribed in it. It was seen sitting next to a labrador puppy. A headline above it read: "What differentiates us?"

Wuff publisher Gerald Poetz said Thursday in comments quoted by the Austria Press Agency that the magazine did not intend to make the link with the persecution of Jews, who were forced by the Nazis to wear the yellow star. It has since replaced the symbol with a red badge, carrying the "bad" inscription.

Jewish community official Raimund Fastenbauer maintained that the original flyer was tasteless and suggested it was done to attract attention.