Punjab sect misuses Sikh faith and declares new religion

New Religion would forever be Irrelevant in the Context of Our Relation and the Oneness.

One of my close associates in a friendly discussion with me, Mr. Ansari was repenting in 1972-1973 while we were in Srinagar that due to the tyranny of Aurangzeb, Sikhism came into existence. For the reason, we, moderate Muslims dislike Aurangzeb comparing to Akbar even today.

Whereas, I was stressing that the Sikhism is equality based religion and the Godly gifted to entire world.

Similarly, Sikhs especially elderly ones would always remember moderately in the manner ‘Ravidassia Dharm’ as only a creation of a mistake of our a few boys who fired and thereby, killing of Sant Ramananad in Vienna on May 24, 2009.

Though, the motive behind the attack is still not known and Austrian police are still investigating the case.

A move of creation of ‘Ravidassia Dharm’ was more political than religious on the behest or at the instance of some anti-Sikh forces.

The Ravidassias as enlightened Sikhs do understand this all under the system and would never be mislead.

Otherwise, Sikhs shall never disown Ravidass, a saint of the Bhakti movement and his followers and his baani as our Guru, the part of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Guru Granth Sahib was always recited by Ravidassias in Ravidass Gurdwaras as the voice (baani) of Guru Ravidass.

The motive behind the attack and the creation of ‘Ravidassia Dharm’ would forever be irrelevant in the context of our relation and the oneness.