Dutch Muslim TV recognises Ahmadiyya sect

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - A Dutch Muslim broadcasting company which applied for airtime has recognised the Ahmadiyya sect as a major current in Islam. Such a recognition is unique in the world.

Ahmadiyya is a sectarian movement within Islam which is not recognised as Islamic by the main institutions of orthodox Islam. Many Dutchmen of Surinamese origin belong to Ahmadiyya.

Its recognition by the aspiring broadcaster (SMO) was revealed in a leaked e-mail message of which Radio Netherlands Worldwide possesses a copy. In the message SMO expresses its willingness to share its hoped-for broadcasting licence with another company, provided that it too recognises Ahmadiyya.

The Dutch public radio and tv system allots time to one religious broadcaster per denomination. The previous Muslim licence holder is to cease transmissions after internal strife between groups representing differing approaches to Islam.

SMO is one of five broadcasters having applied for the Islamic airtime slots. It is expected that the Dutch broadcasting authorities will announce next week which of them will be licensed and hence subsidised.